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  • Kathleen Gill



As I peered through my viewfinder and telephoto lens to make this image, I felt my pulse quicken.  I was looking into this gator’s eyes.  He is massive and from this perspective looks ready to lunge forward, legs tense and eyes alert.   In fact, though, this gator is behind a fence in a wildlife park.  He and his fellow pond-mates are overweight and pretty lazy.  One rarely sees them move at all.  So any real fear was in my mind and was about expecting the unlikely.

As grown-ups, our fears are no longer about monsters and bogey-men coming to get us but they are still about expecting the unlikely – getting laid off, losing one’s home in a hurricane or tornado, running out of money, succumbing to early-onset dementia, and more.  Wouldn’t it be grand if we could live our lives completely free of fear?


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