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Although I have enjoyed a long career as an environmental engineer, my primary creative interest and outlet since childhood has been photography. 

Like many, I have been inspired by the natural world around me.  The camera challenges me to capture my personal connection with that world, particularly those endlessly surprising and seemingly perfect details that are easy to miss.  My images often focus on the subtlety that exists in the larger landscape; I am compelled to treat those subjects with the same thoughtful care that has been historically applied to human portraits, with simple uncluttered composition and judicious use of natural light.

Beginning with a college minor in art, I have continued to study art and photography on my own and through participation in numerous workshops and classes and have participated in many exhibitions along the way. In 2003, I began working exclusively with a Canon full-frame digital SLR and, more recently, I have transitioned to a Fujifilm mirrorless camera system.

Kathleen Gill lives in the mountains of north Georgia and in Vero Beach, Florida, USA.

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